Your new Username (PIN ) is now your PIN, a hyphen, and User ID with no spaces, PIN-User ID. For example, if your old PIN was P1234567 and your 4 Digit User ID was 0001, then your new Username is P1234567-0001. Note: Older PINs can have other formats, like 0799991234567. If you are still having an issue logging in, try using all UPPERCASE or all lowercase for your password. Please also note that your old Pubeasy bookmarks will no longer work. Please re-bookmark the new Pubeasy URL (

Relaunch Status & Updates

Check here regularly for overall system status and updates.

We're currently experiencing a high volume of email enquiries and our Support teams are responding to each one as quickly as possible.

Please contact only the team responsible for your territory and we will respond to you as soon as we can.

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Known areas where functionality is currently not available.

Known issues which are being addressed.

Known issues which have been resolved.

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Individual Supplier Status

Check here regularly for updates on supplier-specific issues on the new Pubeasy.