Frequently Asked Questions


What is Pubeasy?

Pubeasy is a secure website used by thousands of retailers to send their purchase orders electronically to about 300 of North America’s largest publishers and the smaller publishers distributed by them. Pubeasy is also a customer self-service portal where booksellers can check the current price and availability of inventory, as well as, the status of orders places with the suppliers on Pubeasy.

Pubeasy, therefore, is an essential tool that reduces the time it takes to do business while eliminating the errors that may occur when orders are placed via email, phone or fax.

How does Pubeasy work?

The Pubeasy service enables a direct connection between our publisher suppliers and our retailer users so that they can order direct and get the most current information about the books they need for their stores.

Publishers update their product availability and pricing in Pubeasy’s database on a daily (or even more frequent) basis, so the information in Pubeasy approximates real-time values. Retailers can access this data through the website, but other options are also available. Many retailer point-of-sale software systems can perform SOAP queries to provide the data to the user inside their native interfaces.

What does it cost to join Pubeasy?

Pubeasy is free to retailers.

Publishers pay for Pubeasy based on the annual volume of activities such as orders, price & availability checks and order status checks for their titles on the system.

Contact Us today and we will be happy to provide you with an estimate.

How do I join Pubeasy?

It’s easy! For retailers, the first step is to Click Here to complete our online registration form.

For publishers, Contact Us today and we can discuss how Pubeasy can help your business.


Why do booksellers join Pubeasy?

When a bookseller buys direct from a publisher, they receive a better discount (and often other terms such as free freight) that reduces their cost of goods. Pubeasy enables booksellers to place orders and find essential information from multiple suppliers through a single website.

As a result, booksellers can manage the ordering and receiving process more quickly and with better information so they can save money by increasing the amount of their direct ordering.

Is it hard for booksellers to get started with Pubeasy?

Dozens of booksellers join and successfully use Pubeasy every year. As with any new system it does require a modest investment of your time when you first get started, but once your registration is approved for Pubeasy, booksellers are usually online and ordering within a few days.

And of course, if you do run into any problems, or simply want a little extra help to make sure things go smoothly, our experienced support staff will be happy to set up a call where we can walk you through the process.

Which publishers can I buy from on Pubeasy?

If they have an active account, booksellers can order from more than 300 leading publishers through Pubeasy. This includes the largest publishers and distributors, as well as many smaller and mid-sized publishers who are distributed by them.

Click here to see a current list of our publisher suppliers.


Why do publishers join Pubeasy?

When a publisher sells direct to a retailer, they retain a higher percentage of the sale compared with orders fulfilled through third parties. Pubeasy also automates the process of entering purchase orders into your ERP system and enables your customers to find the answers to routine questions about price, availability and order status without contacting you directly.

As a result, Pubeasy reduces the time it takes to process orders and enables publishers to sell to a larger group of retailers while reducing errors and saving money on routine customer support.

Is it hard for publishers to join Pubeasy?

Pubeasy requires that publishers have the ability to take orders and share price, availability and order status information via SOAP so successful deployment will depend on your technical capabilities for setup. However, if you do run into problems, our experienced support staff will be happy to work with you at no additional cost until any technical issues are resolved.