Pubeasy: Online Ordering & Vital Customer Service Information

For more than 20 years, booksellers and publishers have been saving time and money when they do business electronically through Pubeasy, a secure website for direct ordering and customer self-service.

Pubeasy enables booksellers to send their purchase orders electronically, 24/7, reducing the time it takes to process orders while eliminating errors that may occur when placed via email, phone, or fax. By ordering direct from the publisher, booksellers receive a better discount and therefore reduce their cost of goods, while publishers receive more revenue compared with sales made through third parties.

Pubeasy supports thousands of booksellers worldwide who send orders directly to the larger publishers and their distributed clients.  Booksellers can also check current price, availability and the status of their orders all in one place, without having to contact each of the publisher’s sales representatives, customer service center or website.

The Result: Booksellers and Publishers manage the ordering and receiving process more quickly and with better information while reducing the time and expense of routine support.

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