Order Lists Page

Create, view and manage your draft orders.

Not quite ready to purchase? You can use Order Lists instead of adding books directly to your Shopping Cart.

Booksellers use Order Lists in many different ways. You may want "filler" lists by publisher of low-price items to help you meet a minimum. You may want lists of seasonal books for displays. If working on a school order, you might name your list by the customer and date needed. You may just want a list for things to think about later when you have more time.

Your order lists can contain books from just one vendor or from all your vendors; it's your choice.

Step 1: Link Your Accounts

Order lists are technically part of the ordering system, so to use this feature you must have first linked at least one of your existing vendor accounts to Pubeasy. To use Order Lists to their full capacity, we recommend going ahead and linking all your vendor accounts since it's completely free. Click here for more info on account linking.

Step 2: Create a List

  • Click the Create New Order List button.
  • Name your new list
  • Click Save Order List.

Step 3: Search for Books to Add to Your List

  • Use the Quicksearch bar at the top of every page to search by title, isbn or author. Hint: Limit your search to "All Suppliers of [your Mailbox name] using the dropdown at the left of the search bar.
  • For more search features, click the Advanced Search link.
  • From the Search Results page, find a title you wish to add to a list.
  • Enter a quantity (required) and then click the Add to Order List button.
  • Select an existing Order List or create a new one on the spot.

Step 4: Copy Items to Your Shopping Carts

  • Once you are ready to order, goto the Order Lists page and click into one of your lists.
  • Edit your quantities if needed.
  • Either click the individual Add to Cart buttons or you can select an entire list and copy it over in one go using the icons in the grid header.
  • Pubeasy will automatically put the items in the correct Supplier carts.
  • Note: If your cart already contained the title, the cart quantity will be incremented.

Other Actions

You can also copy an item to another order list. (If you're really just moving the item, remember to delete it from its original list.)

Once you're done ordering from a list, decide whether your list is useful on an ongoing basis or was a once-and-done that can be deleted.