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Before clicking Send Order, we advise taking these steps:

Step 1: Verify your PO Number

Click Edit Order Settings under the vendor name and verify that your PO number is correct. Pubeasy will auto-generate sequential PO numbers or you can set your own. PO numbers must be alphanumeric. They cannot include spaces or special characters.

The Retailer Line Reference will be a required field for MPS, Chicago Distribution Center, Scholastic, Penguin Random House US and CA.

If the Retailer Line Reference is required, copy and paste the same PO# in the Retailer Line Reference field for each line item on an order.

Step 2: Confirm you've met the vendor minimum

Your order total at retail is listed at the bottom of the order in blue. If the vendor supports Personal Price, then your invoice total will also be listed. Each vendor sets their own minimums and those minimums can even vary from account to account, so Pubeasy does not display a publisher's minimum order requirements. We recommend creating a simple cheat-sheet with this info for each of your publishers.

If you are unsure of your minimum, please contact a publisher sales or customer service rep before placing your order. Orders that don't meet a publisher's minimum may be disregarded completely or ship with freight charges and/or a reduced discount.

Step 3: Double-check Availability and Backorder Options

  • Availability: Availability may have changed since the time you placed the item in your cart. Keep in mind that availability may affect whether your order ships for vendors that have shipping minimums.
  • Allow Part Supply: If you've ordered 3 copies but the vendor only has 1 copy in stock, check here if you want them to ship as much as they have. If you need all or nothing, then uncheck the box.
  • Allow Back Order: If the vendor is out of stock but you want the item to back order, check this box. The amount of time the item will stay on backorder is based on your particular settings with the vendor. If you have any questions, double-check this with your rep. If you'd like the item to cancel if it can't be supplied immediately, then please uncheck this box. It's a good idea to confirm this setting no matter the availability status displayed. The vendor's order system may show one lone copy left, but if the warehouse staff can't find the item, then your order will not be fulfilled no matter the promised availability.

Step 4: Confirm Other Settings

  • Order Line Ref: For more info on how booksellers use this field, click here.
  • Promotional Code: One of the benefits of ordering direct from publishers is the additional discount they offer via promotions. The ABA documents ongoing publisher promotions on the home page of their Book Buyer's Handbook. NAIBA also collates this information and members of any regional association can apply to receive their weekly email of current promotions here. Double-check that any code you entered is correct and that there are no extra spaces before or after it.

Step 5: Save Your Changes

We recommend saving anytime you make a change. We know how easily and often booksellers get interrupted.

Step 6: Send Your Order

After you click the Send Your Order button, your order will be placed with the vendor and will show up on the Open Orders tab on your Home Page. Pubeasy does not send order confirmation emails. Please use the Order Status tool to check status.