Search Results

Use your Search Results to add books directly to your active Shopping Carts or to build Order Lists to save for the future.

Step 1: Set Bulk Parameters

Use the options at the top of the page to set default parameters for any items you are planning to order. You can add a promotional code, set whether items can be back ordered or supplied in part, or specify a line reference.

Step 2: Enter Quantities

Enter a quantity for each item you wish to add to a Shopping Cart or Order List. As you enter the quantity, you'll notice that any default parameters you set in Step 1 appear. You can now edit these as needed.

Step 3: Add to Cart/List

Once you've added quantities, you can add items individually via the Add to Shopping Cart and Add to Order List buttons. Alternatively, you can use the checkboxes to the left of each item to bulk-add using the cart and list icons at the top of the Search Results grid.

Step 4: Add PO

Click Edit Order Settings under the vendor name and verify that your PO number is correct. Pubeasy will auto-generate sequential PO numbers or you can set your own. PO numbers must be alphanumeric. They cannot include spaces or special characters.

The Retailer Line Reference will be a required field for MPS, Chicago Distribution Center, and Scholastic until an adjustment to the system can be made.

If the Retailer Line Reference is required, add the same PO# in the Retailer Line Reference field for each line item on an order.